Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Linescan alternative

I know machine vision companies are all in business to make money, but Stemmer Imaging might be taking that just a little too literally. The video below shows them using the new KD Series Contact Image Sensor (CIS) from Mitsubishi to scan Euro notes.

Ignoring the dubious legality of such practices, I think the CIS is a very interesting product. I’ve always felt linescan cameras to be a poor method of imaging large webs, because the lens forces an angled view. (Yes, going telecentric overcomes that issue, but oh the cost!) Instead, the CIS is effectively the same kind of scanner we use in copiers and, well, scanners. So it looks directly at the surface being imaged, and not from an angle.

I have no information on cost, though I doubt it is in any way cheap, but I expect the good folks at Stemmer Imaging would be pleased to help. Meanwhile, enjoy the video.

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