Thursday, January 9, 2014

DataMatrix code verification: what you need to know

In an effort to disprove or nullify one of my predictions for 2014, here’s some information you might find useful (and it comes straight from the website):
  • ISO/IEC 15415:2011 addresses two-dimensional symbol print quality test specifications
  • ISO/IEC TR 29158:2011 is an engineering document intended for verifier manufacturers and application specification developers.

It describes modifications which are to be considered in conjunction with the symbol quality methodology defined in ISO/IEC 15415 and a symbology specification. It defines alternative illumination conditions, some new terms and parameters, modifications to the measurement and grading of certain parameters, and the reporting of the grading results.

ISO/IEC TR 29158:2011 was developed to assess the symbol quality of direct marked parts, where the mark is applied directly to the surface of the item and the reading device is a two-dimensional imager.

If you apply DataMatrix codes, you really need to know about this stuff. If not, you’re going to look kind of dumb when your customers asks how you make sure he can read the codes you apply.

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