Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Possibly the best lens calculator ever released!

I know that many of my valued readers find these pages after Googling “lens calculator,” so as a public service I’m going to provide a link to the one I consider the best of the breed.

This is the “
MachVis” software package from Linos. Rather than providing an interactive online calculator, Linos have chosen to release this as a software product. It’s a free download, available from their web site, so it has to be installed on a PC, but I found it trouble-free on my aging XP machine.

I’m a sucker for drawings, diagrams, sketches or whatever else you call graphical representations, so I really like the lens drawing that MachVis produces. This shows the lens required, the working distance (free and total,) the object and image size, and even the depth of field.

I suppose it’s obvious that this is a tool to help Linos sell more machine vision lenses, but I have no problem with that. In fact, as they make a quality product I would encourage you to browse their
lens catalog and give them a go. Linos don’t sell the cheapest lenses, but then why would you economize on the most important component of your vision system?

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