Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Advice on lens selection

If I was to categorize the machine vision questions I get, number two on the lens would be optics. Every camera system needs a lens, but lens nomenclature makes no sense to the typical vision user. In an effort to help, periodically I direct readers to the best lens calculator package I know of – MachVis, buried deep on the Qioptiq website – but sometimes that’s not enough. What’s needed is a simple optics primer.

It seems the folks at Basler have reached the same conclusion, because they’ve recently put a two page white paper titled “Optics Recommendation” on their website. It’s not the definitive guide, but it might help you on your way.

And what do I get most questions about? That would be lighting.


Geoff Adams said...

Just to mention that a new update [MachVis 3.8] was launched at the Vision 2011 show in Stuttgart last week.

There are full details here. For those interested, you can also find video clips and more on the site.

PS we really appreciate the kind words!

Anonymous said...

The link to the white paper has gone dead..
Thanks anyway for the pointers, I've downloaded MachVis!