Thursday, July 31, 2008

‘Smart’ Checker Application

I spotted an interesting article in the July 2008 edition of ‘Quality Digest’ relating to the use of Cognex Checker for error-proofing. If you’re not familiar, the Checker is a low-end vision sensor that comes in under the Insight range. That means it’s inexpensive and has somewhat limited functionality. But, as the software comes from Cognex, it’s not a poor quality product.

I don’t want to steal content from ‘Quality Digest’, so let me instead give you this link:
Cognex Checker application.

Careful readers will notice that the Engineer set up each sensor with a part location tool – to find the part in the image – and then referenced a simple inspection tool from that. That’s significant, because if you know Cognex you’ll know that their pattern finding tools are amongst the best in the business. So the message is; Checker might be inexpensive, but it can be a very powerful little tool.

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L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

This is an example of an interesting low cost off the shelf but useful solution!

I recently wrote an article in the IT magazine that i reproduced on my blog:

Since you are an expert in vision and this article is about vision I thought of pointing it to you. I think you may find it interesting. Your comments are welcome.