Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who remembers Windows 1.0?

I’m sure there was a 1.0 but the first release of Windows I used was 3.1. What do you suppose happened to those earlier versions? Well probably, as with most software, the early versions were rather ‘buggy’ and perhaps lacked functionality, so Microsoft quickly upgraded until they attained a level of robust stability, at which point consumers declared Windows to be a great product, and flocked to part with their money. (OK, 3.1 wasn’t that great, but I have to believe it was an advance over 3.0, which itself was probably better than 2.0.)

I think the same goes for LabVIEW – now that NI are at release 8.5.1 (can we expect 9.0 at NI Week?) they have a very sound and well-respected product. But has anyone stuck with version 1.5? I rather doubt it.

And why do I bring this up? Well Euresys, the unsung Belgian maker of rather nifty
framegrabbers, has just launched Open eVision 1.0. According to their website, this is, “a new suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis.” That all sounds great, and based on what I know of Euresys it’s probably a good product, but as I’m rather risk-averse I think I’ll sit on the sidelines until they get to version 3.

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