Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why do I never get these great jobs?

Like many engineers, I enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, especially when I’ve completed a particularly tough project. That’s why I envy the guys at CIVision who recently delivered a vision system that checks wine bottles for label straightness.

(Image from the CIVision website, story from Control Engineering magazine.)

I suspect the team had many late nights working on this project, and I have to wonder how many samples of badly labeled bottles they needed. I imagine a plaintive voice on the phone at Kendall-Jackson asking, “You need how many more cases?”

Joking aside,
CIVision, a Matrox integrator, do some very interesting work for the packaging industry. Take a look at some examples of their packaging inspection expertise.

Incidentally, I find Control Engineering often carries interesting machine vision stories. Here’s a link to the full article on the
label inspection system discussed above (scroll through the whole article – the first half is about web systems from Parsytec.)

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