Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sub-pixel interpolation and telecentricity – bringing it all together

I’ve made several posts recently about the difficulty of making high accuracy measurements with machine vision. Well it seems to be something of a hot topic just now, because the August ‘Vision & Sensors’ mag has a piece by Ben Dawson on “More precise Machine Vision.” In describing a gauging application undertaken by Engineering Specialties Inc of Connecticut, Ben gives a lot of detail about the importance of telecentric lenses and collimated lighting. Anyone considering a measurement project would do well to read it carefully.

I should also point out that it was Andy Wilson, Editor of ‘
Vision Systems Design’ magazine, who brought this case study to my attention via his excellent blog “machine-vision-news”.

And finally, a question for my readers: Ben Dawson used to be with IPD/Coreco, but there’s no tagline on the article I linked to above. Anyone know if this is the same Ben Dawson?

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Andy Wilson said...

Dear Sir:

It is indeed the same Dr. Dawson!

All the best,

Andy Wilson
Vision Systems Design magazine