Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GigE – separating fact from fiction

True or false: if you’re developing a new vision application you should automatically go for a GigE camera?

Answer: It depends.

Yes, that’s a cop-out, but the truth is, selecting a camera interface is complicated. Cameralink or GigE? Firewire A or Firewire B? Where does USB figure in all this?

For an intelligent and readable review of the issues that surround working with GigE cameras, let me refer you to an article by Scott Israel of 1st Vision. In “
GigE Cameras: Myths & Facts” Scott addresses what the GigE interface will do for you (more speed) and why you can’t just plug the camera into your network interface card (NIC).

If you’re not familiar with 1stVision, they’re a Massachusetts-based independent distributor of
machine vision components. They do lenses, lighting and software, but for my money I think their real specialty is cameras. Scott has a deep understanding of the various interfaces (as evidenced in his paper,) so don’t be afraid to pick his brains.

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