Monday, November 24, 2008

Clever lighting tricks for machine vision

You know that illumination is the key to a successful vision application. By arranging your lighting to create strong contrast between what you want to see and don’t want to see you can simplify the amount of image processing and analysis work needed. In other words, do your image processing at the speed of light and maybe a lower cost vision sensor can perform the analysis task.

But figuring out part lighting causes a lot of brow-furrowing and head scratching. In previous posts I’ve steered you towards some illumination primers. Today (courtesy of Keyence,) I’m going to offer up a link to some more
advanced illumination techniques. Think of this as a 300 level class in machine vision lighting.

You will need to register with Keyence in order to download the four page document, but I think they’re offering enough ‘meat’ to make it worth your while.

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