Thursday, November 13, 2008

One-stop shopping for machine vision info

So you need to learn about machine vision but don’t know where to start? Well in previous posts I’ve steered you towards web sites where you can improve your understanding of lighting, optics, image processing, and so on, but there hasn’t really been a single place you can go to find it all in one tidy package.

National Instruments are attempting to rectify that with their “
Vision Resources Kit.” It’s 27Mbytes-worth of papers on cameras, optics, lighting and algorithms. In addition, you get the entire NI Vision Concepts Manual.

It’s much more than a basic machine vision primer, although to my jaundiced eye the kit does skimp on optics and illumination. It’s a pity NI chose not to bundle in the three “
Practical Guide to Machine Vision Lighting” papers they keep buried away in their “Developer Zone.” But if you need to get into vision fast, this is a good way to start. (Best not to download it over a dialup connection though.)

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