Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The 9 Megapixel camera bargain

One way of comparing cameras is to look at the price per Megapixel. Yes, I understand that’s entirely non-technical, but realistically, how many vision applications really challenge the performance of modern cameras?

For many machine vision users the only real differentiators between cameras are resolution and price. So on that basis, the
Silicon Video ® 9C10 system from Epix, must be hard to beat. 9 Megapixels for under $1,200 – a price that includes cable and network card – works out at just $133 per Megapixel. On that basis, I don’t know of a cheaper camera.

The actual specs are rather vague but it appears to be a CMOS sensor and a Power over Ethernet (PoE) GigE interface. It’s fair to say that image quality might not be the highest, but at that price, what do you expect?

Memo to Epix: Please try to dream up a sexier name for this product. “Silicon Video® 9C10” just doesn’t set my heart racing.

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