Monday, December 8, 2008

The machine vision golf pro

We’ve seen machine vision applied to tennis, cricket and soccer. Now, according to Advanced Imaging magazine, it’s the turn of golf.

Systems for recording and analyzing a golfer’s swing have been around for some time. What’s new about the “Swing & See” system from V2S is that it's a self-service tool. In other words, you go into the specially-equipped booth at your local driving range, drop a buck, (maybe more,) into the machine, and a few minutes later you’re watching a video of your swing. What’s more, this is high-speed video taken from two directions, so you can get a close look at what you’re doing wrong. Better still, you can download it onto a USB memory stick so you can show all the guys at work just why you have that wicked slice.

Should your golf pro start thinking about a new career? Maybe not, but it could be a very interesting way for driving ranges to generate some additional revenue.

By-the-way, I couldn’t find a web link for V2S, so if anyone knows where they can be found, please share it here.

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