Sunday, December 14, 2008

A sting in the tail

I have a serious weakness for puns, so I couldn’t resist using that corny old title to lead off a post about Scorpion Vision. Scorpion offer an interesting machine vision software package, and provide updates on its’ evolution in their machine vision blog. (The most recent is about multi-core machine vision; go on, take a look.)

But you may be wondering, just what is so interesting about Scorpion? Well what intrigues me is the modular nature of the product. You can buy a basic, entry-level package, if that’s all you need to get started, or you can plunge in at the deep end with the Enterprise edition. It’s nice because you buy just what you need, rather than investing in a huge box of tricks, half of which you’ll never use.

So where’s the sting in the tail? Just check out the pricing.

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