Sunday, January 25, 2009

Machine Vision Job Opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for a Cognex specialist based in the New England region. Although it’s not, at the time of writing, posted on their web site, I hear that “Machine Vision Consulting,” (MVC) seek “an engineer specializing in machine vision” to join their team.

I’ve not done business with MVC myself, but they’ve always struck me as a most professional bunch. Their area of expertise seems to be what one might call “higher end” systems, meaning that they do difficult applications that need PC-based rather than smart camera solutions.

They also developed a system for “unwrapping” the outer surface of cylindrical objects, like cans of beans, that goes by the name of “
Circumspect” ®. It’s a clever product and it should give you an overview of the type of projects they live and breathe.

So if you can do more than smart camera applications, and you’re thinking of making a move, check out MVC. As I say, I didn’t see a job on their web site, but I have it on good authority that they would welcome resumes from qualified candidates.

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