Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life after DVT

I don't mean to continue beating up on Cognex, but I'd like to return to the “Oh My God, They’ve Killed DVT” line of thought. A lot of protestors on the DVT ‘SmartList’ discussion board have complained that the Cognex Insight range has no equivalent to the DVT scripting functions. The Cognex response so far has been along the lines of, “We don’t believe you need scripting: tell us why you think you do and we’ll show you why you’re wrong.” So do the legions of DVT fans have any choice but to just “suck it up”?

Well I’ve been checking out the
PPT product line, particularly their IMPACT software. I firmly believe the only way to learn the capabilities of a package is to use it, and unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to do that. However, from a scan through the manual (available under “Downloads,”) it seems they offer the user/developer an uncommonly broad set of prepackaged tools plus the ability to program in “IMPACT Basic.”

So if you’re a DVT integrator you could do a lot worse than spend an hour or so checking out what PPT has to offer.


John said...

Have you considered trying the HALCON library and/or the ActivVisionTools application developer software from MVTec (www.mvtec.com)? HALCON is an extremely comprehensive vision library with a very easy to use development environment and excellent documentation and example programs.

Anonymous said...

I've integrated barcode scanner to DVT system, I wonder how that would be possible without scripting.