Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More DVT migration

Last month I explored how the introduction of new color “Micro” smart cameras was evidence of the pending demise of DVT. Now, just days later, we learn that Cognex have launched a line scan InSight.

Clearly intended to replace the DVT line scan camera, (which I understood to be a slow seller,) this shows that the end is fast approaching for the DVT line. But before you rush out to stock up with the plastic-bodied 500 series, (or brace yourself for the InSight 5604,) be sure to take a good look at the specs.

Let’s be honest, neither camera is exactly a world-class piece of hardware. The 1k imager on the InSight, (down from 2k in the DVT predecessor,) is positively 20th century, while an even bigger limitation is the restriction to 2048 lines. In other words, it’s not going to do web inspection. If you’re happy with a fairly low-resolution image of a small diameter part, the 5604 might work, but frankly you’d do better to explore a PC-framegrabber combo with real processing power.

DVT is dead. Long live Cognex.

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