Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cognex introduce “Image Engines”

File this one under “Intriguing.” Cognex has announced a new product line that they’re calling “Image Engines”.

OK, sexy(ish) name, but what is it?

Well as best I can tell (and they haven’t loaned me one yet,) it’s a board-level InSight camera with 2D and 1D code reading capabilities plus other tools such as blob, caliper and of course PatMax™. Interestingly though, it doesn’t have the autofocus lens that you can get on some of the Dataman readers. Maybe that’s coming soon.

The information on the website is limited to say the least, but perhaps that’s because the product is aimed at their OEM customers. In other words, if they think you could use it they’re already talking to you. What really caught my eye was the list of intended markets: ticketing kiosks? Voting machines? Just where are they headed with this?

All in all, an intriguing development.

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