Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A 4-sensor line scan camera

I hear through the grapevine that JAI are launching a new color line scan camera. Unlike existing models of color line scan, which use either a bayer filter over the CCD or 3 sensors with individual color filters, this uses JAI’s prism technology. The major benefit is the superior color registration that results from a common optical path. This eliminates the alignment problems that make color line scan cameras such a pain to use.

Incidentally, the camera is available in only a 2k format, but the CCD sensors cover Red, Blue, Green and Near IR. This should make it useful for inspecting organic materials where IR can help uncover more data than is evident to the human eye. For an example of where this can be useful, take a look at this page on the JAI site about the similar multi-spectral AD-080 camera.

As for the LQ-200CL, which is what they’re calling this new camera, at the time of writing there are no details on the JAI site, but I’m sure that will change soon. Also absent is any pricing information. It won’t be cheap, but judging by the pricing of the AD-080 range I would expect this to be around $3,500.

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