Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new “Vision Appliance”

Interesting to see that Dalsa are sticking by their line of “Vision Appliances” and have even added a new model to the lineup, the GigE Vision Appliance, or GEVA.

“Vision Appliances” were originally sold under the name of IPD, although that seemed to fade away rather quickly. The idea is good though: a family of ready-to-go vision computers, equipped to perform a limited range of tasks.

Now that the Appliances come with either iNspect or Sherlock software their capabilities have grown quite a bit since the IPD days. Sherlock in particular is definitely worth further consideration. It’s been around forever and is a well-proven and capable vision package.

I’d add that anything coming from Dalsa has a certain mark of quality. They’re never cheap but they’re usually good.

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