Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simplifying machine vision integration

Everyone talks about easier application development but what about easier integration? In my experience, actually getting a vision system to work can be every bit as challenging as putting together a robust inspection algorithm yet it seems to be an area that’s fallen through the cracks: neither the camera vendors nor the software developers want to get into it.

Until now. I’ve been reading about the “GigE Trigger Device” from Baumer. This sets out to replace the PLC that’s conventionally used in most less complex vision applications. I haven’t actually used the device yet but from reading the literature it seems it’s designed to allow encoders and proximity sensors to be wired in directly. This enables it to send triggers to the camera as well as signally other actuators, such as an air blowoff, I suppose.

If it works as advertised this could be quite a significant advance in integration technology.

As a side comment, I should mention that Gardasoft have a somewhat similar product; their CC32 Trigger Timing Controller appears to perform the same I/O functions as the GigE Trigger Device although without being optimized for Gigabit Ethernet.

That’s two devices intended to make integration a little easier. I’m sure others will follow.

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Anonymous said...

We at Scorpion Vision has deployed a software only solution for eliminating the need for a plc. Our product name is RTController where RT stands for Real Time. More information found at http://scorpion.tordivel.no/help/RTController/Default.htm