Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Image sensor projections signpost machine vision opportunities

Every machine vision system uses one or more imaging chips, be they of CCD or CMOS construction. So it would seem reasonable that we can piggyback on the market projections of the sensor manufacturers to see where the growth will be.

PC’s Semiconductors Blog,” (June 22nd, 2010,) sets out some interesting, and perhaps rather bullish, projections for growth. What really caught my eye is how they anticipate an explosion in automotive imaging applications over the next few years. This would seem to add weight to my predictions for machine vision in the automotive world – once those images are available doesn’t it make sense to add automated analysis? If not, are we expecting drivers to add the monitoring of display screens to their list of duties?

Automotive machine vision – it’s more than a business opportunity, it’s your moral and ethical duty!

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