Monday, August 2, 2010

Tips and tricks for vision-guided-robotics

Vision guidance is one of the up-and-coming machine vision application areas. Everyone wants to do it because there’s no shortage of tasks to automate. The problem though is that few people have real been-there, done-that, VGR experience. Sure, vision guidance is all over the place at the trade shows, but real, practical, working applications are rather thin on the ground.

So if a VGR project is looming on your horizon you might like to do a little reading. One of my favorite places for machine vision application info is Quality magazine, and specifically their “Vision & Sensors” supplement.

The July 2010 issue has a couple of good articles on the subject of VGR. There’s “The Power of a New Dimension” by Wolfgang Eckstein and Lutz Kreutzer of MVTec which deals with approaches to 3D vision (essential if you want to locate a casting in a bin.) And then there’s “When Robots See Clearly” by Kevin Taylor of ISRA Vision Systems. This gets more into the options for vision guidance, but taken together, these articles could provide a good starting point for your VGR feasibility work.

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