Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help me out, machine vision vendors!

I like Vision Systems Design magazine, particularly new product announcements, and I often follow up on the web to learn more. Unfortunately though, when I get to the vendor’s website, too frequently I find that the new product seems not to exist.

I think I’m reasonably web-savvy and I know to use the search box placed on just about every home page, so can you understand how frustrated I feel when I get a “Sorry, the information could not been found, please try again” message?

That particular message I copied from the Kowa web site, where I’ve been searching for information on their new range of 10Mpixel lenses (described in the August 2010 Vision Systems Design.) I must stress though that Kowa are far from being the only culprit. I get this kind of message far too often.

So here’s my tip for the day: if you’re investing time and money telling the world about your latest and greatest new product, please make sure I can find it on your web site.

That’s all.

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Europe to the rescue: