Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Novel use for Data-matrix codes

Data-matrix codes (DMC) are well known for part identification and traceability, but for measurement? Well that idea had me scratching my head, but according to “Data-matrix positioning systems” (, September 9th, 2010,) Pepperl & Fuchs have figured out a way to do just that.

As I understand it, the approach is to print a series of unique DMCs on a long, long strip. A camera is set up on a sliding carriage with a field of view sufficient to view six of the codes. Each code denotes a position and by interpolating between the codes the camera system can work out its location to a very high degree of accuracy.

Applications? Well I wonder about alongside railroad tracks or highways, or perhaps on very large machine tools. In fact anyway there are long travel distances this idea might have some mileage.


Anonymous said...

positioning with barcode is old technology, I guess 2D code is just an extension. One example:

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Sorry, wrong link: