Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning about cameras

Most users of machine vision don’t care too much about how a camera works, just so long as it works, and does so day-in, day-out, without fail, so classes on CCD and CMOS camera technology may not be of much interest. But those of my readers working at the sharp end of camera design and development may want to follow these links.

Fundamentals of CCD and CMOS Imagers and Camera Systems

Applications, Design, and Testing of CMOS and CCD Sensors and Camera Systems

These classes, each of two days, are being put on by the UCLA Extension program, and take place over the period February 28th to March 3rd 2011 in Los Angeles, California. I’ve found it difficult to track down programs that give more than a superficial overview of aspects of imaging technology, so if you could benefit from a more thorough understanding, talk to your boss about these classes.

Don’t forget, the weather’s pretty nice in LA at the end of February too, certainly sunnier than northern Europe or the frozen Midwest, so send me a postcard!

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