Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Line scan application video

Regular readers know that I’m a sucker for video. In fact if you’re looking for a way to get a mention here upload some vids to YouTube and email me a link. But I digress.

A video that caught my attention recently was posted by Industrial Vision Systems, out of the UK, and I embed it below. This shows a line scan system, powered by NeuroCheck. NeuroCheck is an interesting machine vision product that competes with Halcon, Common Vision Blocks and VisionPro yet is not well known here in North America.

It’s not entirely clear to me what the system is actually doing, so I hope that someone from Industrial Vision will be kind enough to post a comment.

If you’re interested in looking at the long list of case studies on the IVS web site, or in learning more about NeuroCheck, just click the link I’ve so thoughtfully provided above.

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Earl Yardley said...

To give you more detail. The system is an off-line "proof of concept" system for a customer. They were willing to invest to engineer a complete rig to allow a linescan concept to be tested at their factory prior to the systems being deployed across all their production lines. For confidentiality reasons the actual product is not shown, what you are seeing is the calibration piece – this is used to calibrate the measurements within the vision system. The final product looks simply(to a layman)like a piece of card (though it has clever miniature medical devices embedded) and we are performing high resolution gauging. Following testing the linscan system was rolled out on fully automated lines across their factory.

You mention NeuroCheck competing with Halcon, Common Vision Blox and VisionPro – to some extent yes, but NeuroCheck is a Windows application which is ready-to-run for machine vision (it isn’t a library solution). So to this end the time to market for integrators and end-users is greatly accelerated as there is no need to understand traditional programming or scripts (and it makes support simple). If anyone wants to try it drop me an email and I can organise for a Demo CD to be sent.

Earl Yardley
Industrial Vision Systems Ltd.