Sunday, November 14, 2010

Machine vision lens calculator updated

Many have tried to put together handy-dandy tools that tell you what lens to use but none have done it as well as lens-maker Linos. Their MachVis product, which can be downloaded for free from is without a doubt the best lens calculator I’ve used.

Possibly it’s best feature is the link into the Linos catalog. Once you’ve entered sensor size, field-of-view and working distance the software recommends the lenses that will work best. The downside of course is that it only recommends Linos lenses, but that hardly seems unreasonable, after all, the package is free.

If you’re already a MachVis user you might be interested to know that a new release, 3.7, is now available. As I understand it, there are no radical changes; this is more of an update to reflect the growing Linos product line, but it has to be worth keeping your version current, so follow the link I provided above.

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