Friday, November 12, 2010

Did they clone Thor?

Ever see that film Multiplicity? It’s the one where Michael Keaton finds there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything he needs to get done, so he starts making copies of himself. Well I’m starting to think that Thor Vollset of Scorpion Vision fame has done something similar. The guy is everywhere!

Somehow, and I’d love to know his secret, he finds time to be a prolific poster on LinkedIn while running a growing business, expanding the capabilities of the Scorpion vision product, and keeping his own machine vision blog up to date. Does the man ever sleep?

Thinking about it, perhaps he doesn’t. After all, Scorpion is based in Norway, which is far enough North that there’s precious little night, during the summer at least. And that gives me an idea for how to test my hypothesis: if I log the number of press releases and discussion board postings I bet I’ll see a marked decline during the winter months. If that does happen it will prove that even Thor has to sleep sometime.

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