Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where to find machine vision jobs

A reader contacted me recently to ask where he should look for jobs in our industry. I’ve already shared my thoughts with him, but as this is probably a question that interests many of you I’m going to share some suggestions here too.

The first point I should mention is that my comments are geared towards the US, because that’s where I live. If you’re in Europe I only know of one job hunting site that you should look at, and that’s LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, for those who aren’t familiar, is a kind of Facebook for professional people. It has a number of special interest groups, (there are several for machine vision,) and I see a growing number of positions advertised.

Another good option, at least for those of you in North America, seems to be Dice. Dice deals mainly in IT jobs but I’ve seen a number of machine vision positions advertised there.

Where else do you look? Well the AIA has a jobs page but as it hasn’t been updated since March 2010 I suggest that’s not a good place to look. I also wouldn’t recommend Monster or CareerBuilder as both will flood you with positions you’re not suited for.

So are there any other options? If anyone knows a good jobs site for machine vision people, please let me know. Other than the two I’ve already mentioned. You’re best bet is to start networking. Ours is a small industry and word gets around fast, so if you’re looking for a new position, spread the word (discretely – you may not want your current employer to know!)

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