Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Confused by Tattile

Tattile is not a company that gets a great deal of publicity, at least not here in North America. Perhaps they are better known in their native Italy where they’ve been in the machine vision business since 1988.

It was a
press release from their North American distributor, Alternative Vision, that led me to their web site. This was about the release of their “Antares Engine Toolkit for LabVIEW.” Well as I like to work in LabVIEW I had to find out what this was all about.

It turns out that
Antares is Tattile’s machine vision package. It seems to have all the usual features and is presumably optimized to run on their own line of smart cameras and “embedded analyzers” (which I think means a vision computer.) What I think this press release means then is that I can now use LabVIEW to develop applications on Tattile hardware. Or is it that I can use Antares to develop applications that run on the National Instruments smart camera?

I’m confused.


Anonymous said...

"Antares Engine Toolkit will give LabView developers access to nearly 500 Tattile Antares vision tools" - you can use Antares tools in LabView. That's how I read it.

Dave gilblom said...

I wrote the press release. I apologize for the confusion. We will have a data sheet shortly that clarifies all of this but briefly: Starting in January, programming and operating any of Tattile's vision analysis products can be done using only LabVIEW. Tattile's proprietary software (Antares Explorer) will no longer be required. Antares Engine Toolkit is installed under LabVIEW and presents normal LabVIEW screens for programming.