Monday, January 31, 2011

Microsoft’s Kinect as a machine vision platform?

Regular readers will know that I’m quite enamored of the Kinect.: this low cost 3D imaging system seems to have huge potential and is just waiting for hackers to figure out how to put it to work.
I’m also a fan of National Instruments LabVIEW software, so the news that at least one clever person has figured out how to marry the two is of course music to my ears.

I figure there’s no point in me regurgitating a summary of how it’s all done – I’ll probably get it wrong anyway – as you can just go straight to the source, so here are the links you need:

Part 3 can’t be far away!

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J. Campbell said...

Just yesterday, MVTec announced their successful integration of the Kinect camera with the HALCON 10 software library.

With HALCON's standard calibration techniques, the depth image from the Kinect camera is transformed into metrical X, Y, and Z data. From there, the entire functionality of the HALCON library is available including their advanced 3D vision technologies like surface-based matching.