Monday, February 21, 2011

Leaping on the Kinect bandwagon

A number of hobbyists have interfaced the Kinect with their pet projects, but MVTec is, to my knowledge anyway, the first company to have tied it in to a commercial machine vision software product (Halcon.) You may have seen that a reader posted a comment to this effect a few days ago but as I couldn’t find any conformation on the MVTec web site I thought it best to wait until it became official.

The announcement I picked up was on the AIA web site, “
HALCON with Microsoft Kinect for 3D Vision,” (, posted February 16th 2011.) This gives a fair bit of detail, along with some screenshots that seem to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Halcon implementation. This seems to confirm that the Kinect may have industrial potential, although perhaps what the world is waiting for is an industrially-hardened version.

I wonder if that’s the business opportunity I’ve been waiting for!

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