Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allied Vision Technology still growing

It’s just three months since AVT parent, Augusta Technologie took charge of camera maker VDS Vosskühler and already they’re back on the acquisition trail, or so says Vision Systems Design (April 27th, 2011.)

This time the target was the Canadian manufacturer of laser measurement systems, LMI Technologies, so again it looks as though Augusta are focused on diversification rather than simply buying an ever-greater share of the visible light camera business. Regular readers may recall that I mentioned the new 3D product from LMI, the awkwardly named “Gocator,” back in March of this year. (“New 3D machine vision product”) It certainly appears to be competent offering but it lacked any real “Wow,” or so I felt at the time.

As I pointed out back then, LMI is a vision company with a long history. Looks like it’s time for a new chapter in that book, and with the dollar slipping on foreign exchanges, I wonder if we might see more such deals in the coming months.

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