Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learning from others – a real application story

Most of the vision applications I read about in the trade press tend to be short on details. They’ll say things like “cameras from AVT were combined with Halcon image processing software” without telling me exactly how the task was done. So “Vision System Upgrades Pharma Printing” (Design News, February 14th, 2011,) was a welcome change.

This article describes, in some detail, a print inspection system developed by Ackley Machine to check the markings on pharmaceutical tablets. The Cognex InSight-based system goes through a fairly complex set of steps to locate the tablets, find and verify the print … But why am I telling you? Click the link above and read the piece. It gives a thorough description of the inspection algorithm, which is something most vendors are reluctant to disclose, so kudos to Ackley for being so open.

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