Sunday, April 24, 2011

A new option for reading codes

When I’m shopping for something to read 2D and DataMatrix codes I will admit that I tend to go straight to Cognex and their Dataman readers. I know that’s unfair to Microscan who also have a first rate portfolio of image-based code readers, but frankly I see little to differentiate the competing products so I just go with what I know works.

And now, along comes SICK with another product I can ignore.

The LECTOR®620 appears to be a pretty capable product, as far as I can tell by the video presentation on SICK’s web site. I do like the laser pointer for alignment; that seems a very neat way of speeding up installation and I wonder why other companies don’t offer the same. No word on pricing but I have to think it slightly undercuts the Dataman and Microscan products. Curious name though. Did no one at SICK ever see Silence of the Lambs?

On a broader note, I find it interesting to observe how SICK are growing their machine vision presence. It started with the acquisition of the IVP Ranger 3D family, then came the Inspector smart cameras/vision sensors, and now code readers. It’s as if they’re starting at the top and working down. Perhaps I need to stop ignoring this growing family of vision products.


Anonymous said...

Note also growing family of code reading products from Cognex.

Lector looks good indeed, but by spec it's no match to Dataman 500 from Cognex.

Anonymous said...

Microscan and Sick have an advantage over Cognex because they not only provide image based readers, but also have laser scanners. Although imaging technology is improving rapidly, it still can't compete with laser scanners for the combination of speed, resolutions, scanning area and ease of set up... it is really clear where a laser is pointed! Using a camera based system for all Auto-ID applications is analogous to using only a truck for all driving. It may work, but it can be a lot easier if the right technology is applied.

Anonymous said...

Dataman 500 = Chocolate Teapot!