Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is the vision system secure?

I’m not asking about its self-confidence, but whether anyone could run off with it. “Nonsense,” you may cry but it seems to be a real concern on the part of engineers in many factories. The problem is not so much the lights and cameras as with the PC’s and monitors, and of course these never go missing during the working day; it’s just that they’re not there when the first shift of the day clocks in.

Solutions? Well PC’s can be locked into cabinets, (ventilated and even cooled if necessary,) but perhaps it’s smarter to use vision boxes like the Matrox 4Sight and the systems from Keyence. Or, go with industrial rack-mounted systems.

As for monitors, well stop buying the cheapest from BestBuy and look for units that can be integrated into control cabinet doors and enclosures. Yes, they’ll cost more. But you’ll only buy them once.

Sadly, theft seems to be an issue wherever you work, so perhaps it’s smart not to put temptation in the path of those who, for whatever reason, will help themselves to anything easily resell-able.

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