Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Password protection

I find controlling access to shop floor vision systems something of a bugbear. I want people on the line to see what the system is doing but I’d rather they didn’t dive in and start making changes.

I guess Thor Vollset at Scorpion Vision had the same problem, because his blog has a post about a transparent screensaver.

This is such an excellent idea that I’m amazed I haven’t seen it before. Being transparent, an observer can watch what the vision system is doing – live images, inspection results and so on – but if they move the mouse or touch keys up pops that familiar little “Enter password” box.

Yes it lacks the sophistication of multi-layer access control, but isn’t it simple? And in my world, simple is good.


Anonymous said...

Some vision systems have multiple level password user control built in and even logs what each user does so you can see when and what someone did to break the system. Check out inspect from DALSA available on boa smart cameras, Giva multiple camera systems and as a Pc application. It does the lot

Anonymous said...

I have stolen the idea from one of my german system integrators. The idea is brilliant - but a use for a transparent screen saver is not obvious :)

In Scorpion we have three levels of protection - user, settings and service - this Screen Saver is a very useful supplement.