Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resolutions still going up

It seems as though 8 megapixels is the new 5, if the latest product announcement from JAI is a sign of what’s to come. They’ve just launched a brace of new 8Mp cameras under the 800CL label, one monochrome and one color. These use the Kodak-08050 4 tap sensor to get as much as 17 frames per second.

Two points particularly of note:

  1. JAI provide a link to Kodak’s specs for the sensor. It’s actually a 40 page book, so whatever your sensor question, you should find the answer in there somewhere.
  2. The sensor might have 4 taps but JAI combine these and let you run with a single cable in base CameraLink mode. That should make connectivity less of a bugbear that it might have been.

I don’t have any information on pricing, but knowing that JAI pride themselves on quality, I doubt it’s much under $10k. But as Henry Royce (the engineer behind Rolls-Royce,) once said, “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

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