Monday, July 11, 2011

Lighting inspiration

Machine vision case studies in magazines and on web sites invariably show beautifully lit subjects with great contrast between features of interest and the background. Yet when I get in the lab I find it’s much, much harder – well nigh impossible in fact – to get that kind of perfect image. So, assuming that I’m not alone in this, let’s talk about where to go for advice.

There’s a company in upstate New York that specializes in solving machine vision lighting challenges. This is Illumination Technologies Inc. They sell a range of lighting products, but more importantly, for a fee, they will work on your lighting problem.

But how do you know they are any good?

Well I suggest you take a look at their Support page. Here you’ll find links to Application Notes and White Papers that cover a large number of problems. In fact they may help prompt some ideas to try yourself, thus solving your problem free of charge. If however, your particular issue is so unusual that it doesn’t figure on their Support pages, the various case studies should at least convince you that Illumination Technologies will give it their best shot.

Turning that around, I believe that if IT can’t solve your lighting challenge, then perhaps there is no machine vision solution to what you want to do.

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Mike Muehlemann said...

Thanks for the kind words and the "plug"! We have been doing this for more than 20 years, and we love the challenges that only this market provides.

One thing worth mentioning. In the existing economic climate we often waive fees if there is a partnering opportunity and/or if there is serial production potential. We are doing sophisticated 3D optical modeling of conceptual solutions final products to understand operating parameters prior to lab testing and/or building prototypes. Improves optical performance, contrast,cycle time, and dramatically reduces development costs.

We also find ourselves doing a lot of OEM product development for all kinds of optical devices. We are involved in everything from non-invasive LED blood glucose anaylyzers, real-time in vivo brain montoring systems, opthalmic surgery instruments, and even LED hair brushes for us bald guys!

Thanks again -

Mike Muehlemann
Illumination Technologies, Inc.