Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Compressed sensing, whatever that is

Under “friends worth checking out” (over to the right of this page,) I have a link to the Nuit Blanche blog on compressed sensing. I will admit that I’m pretty fuzzy about what this technology actually is, and I know even less about what it can do. But Laser Focus World has seen fit to educate me.

Compressive sensing architecture advances infrared camera design” (June 2011) explains how this technology is leading to the development of less expensive IR cameras. This builds on the single pixel camera work carried out at Rice University and widely reported a year or so ago.

I won’t attempt to describe the details of a single pixel IR camera – the article does that quite well enough – but I would encourage you to learn more about this approach to imaging. I have a feeling that it may turn out to be something of a paradigm shift, and those who understand its potential will be well placed to profit from it.


Anonymous said...

World-changing technology. Way to go, Rice University!

Igor said...


Thanks for the plug.

Sometime ago I wrote an answer to the following question on Quora: "What is compressed sensing (compressive sampling) in layman's terms?" it is here: http://goo.gl/8Cini

Hope it helps,