Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lighting tips

There are times when each of us struggles to create good contrast in our vision applications, so as a public service I’d like to share “Eight Tips for Optimal Machine Vision Lighting.” The tips are from Microscan and the article was published on the Quality Digest website, July 11th, 2011.

The tips provided are all good, and they may well help inspire you, but I think their history or origin is also interesting. Those of you who’ve been around vision systems for a few years will recognize these as the same tips that NER used to offer. That shouldn’t be too surprising because NER was purchased by Microscan some time ago.

I wasn’t quite sure about the logic behind the acquisition, and for some time the lighting products seemed to languish, with no Champion to promote them in the vision marketplace. Perhaps this recent bit of PR is a sign that Microscan lighting is beginning to stir. That has to mean competition for Advanced Illumination, CCS and the other players, and competition is always good.

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