Monday, October 3, 2011

Looking the gift horse in the mouth

I was taught long ago that if something seems good it’s often wise not to ask too many questions. Today though I want to break that rule by asking why machine vision sales are growing so strongly.

We know the vision business is healthy – a look back at “Business and economic news” will give you some data – but I’m curious why?

An article on the ControlDesign website offers three suggestions. It’s all down to increased processor power, with a little help from the increases in camera resolutions and framerates, plus a small boost from the ease-of-use of GigE cameras.

I don’t disagree with those being the more significant of the technology trends, but I think there’s something deeper going on. Yes, businesses, especially manufacturing companies, are willing to invest in reducing the Cost of Quality, and that’s part of it, but I think the biggest driver is the number of people out there with machine vision knowhow.

It’s you dear reader. You are the driver, because you are able to talk intelligently about what machine vision can do. You’re a disciple, spreading the message that machine vision actually works. And as others get that message they too become disciples, evangelizing for vision.

Stick at it, because you’re doing a great job.

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