Sunday, October 9, 2011

Machine vision entering the public consciousness?

If you’re tired of having to explain to your wife/husband, kids, mother, or golf buddy what machine vision is, here are a couple of links to help.

First, from Singularity Hub comes an excellent graphic explanation under the heading of “Robot See, Robot Do…Robot Understand. Machine Vision Is Changing The World – Here Are The Details.”

And second, The Daily WTF has a short story, (yes that’s right, I said story, and I think it’s fiction but I can’t be certain,) titled “Caught.” This concerns out of control machine vision and robots, (or is it the users that are out of control? You decide.)

I find it fascinating, and even quite exciting, (yes, my life is that dull,) that machine vision is finally becoming a mainstream technology. Clearly the Kinect, plus all the code-reading software now in our smartphones, is encouraging a growing curiosity about how images can be interpreted by software.

Are we vision people on the verge of being cool?

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