Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something for the weekend

It’s not often machine vision gives us chaps an excuse to look at attractive young women, so I thought I’d save this post for Friday and the weekend. And I should mention that this comes courtesy of gadget blog gizmag.

You’ll recall that the driving force behind the Kinect was Primesense. Well Primesense have now moved into the tricky business of 3D body scanning. Partnering with Bodymetrics, they have produced a machine that maps the human body and advises on clothes that fit.

Okay, I realize that few of us scruffy male engineers are going to rush over to London, England to get scanned, but it does give us a great reason to watch the technology in action.

Strangely enough, no portly, middle-aged male engineers were featured in the “The science behind the fit” video, which I heartily endorse, purely for its overview of the 3D technology of course.

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