Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What can multi-spectral imaging do for you?

I’ve long been fascinated by the 2-CCD cameras from JAI. I know they do a 3-CDD version too, and there’s an interesting application case study on the Vision & Sensors site (Jan 5th, 2012,) but that’s aimed more at color applications. What I like about the 2-CCD model is that it combines visible and IR imaging through the same lens, for which I can see many possible applications. (Okay, full disclosure: I haven’t bought any of these because they’re somewhat expensive, but the concept is great.)

For those of you who struggle to see where you would use such a camera, JAI have placed a short movie on YouTube, but to save you time I’ve embedded it below.

What has always intrigued me though is that JAI seem to miss what I see as the biggest benefit of this camera concept: it allows the use of multiple lighting strategies at the same location on the production line.

For example, suppose I need both a darkfield image and a front-lit image of a part moving down a production line. I’m forced to have two separate stations with two cameras, and that takes up valuable floorspace. With an AD-080CL camera I need only one station, saving me precious space.

Now I shall sit back and wait for my royalties from JAI.


Anonymous said...

Do you really need an IR camera
just to combine different lighting setups? It sounds like you could achieve the same effect with two visible colors and a standard color camera.

Anonymous said...

Color camera has lower resolution with same amount of pixels.