Sunday, September 23, 2012

3D machine vision gets a little easier

Despite what the sales folks will tell you, 3D is not simple. Indeed, my experience is much the opposite, so anything that simplifies application development should be welcomed.
Put your hands together then, for a second time in just over a month, for Aqsense. (See “News from NI Week”, if you need reminding about the first time.)
The big deal about their brand spankin’ new 3DExpress product is that it enables any machine vision software to work with 3D data – without any programming. So you can use Sherlock or whatever your favorite product happens to be on what started life as 3D images.
I can’t pretend to have grasped all the implications of this product, though I sense it’s somewhat revolutionary. I rather suspect that what’s needed now is a shift in vision developer’s mindsets so they, or we, can begin to recognize applications.

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