Monday, September 24, 2012

USB 3 Camera from Ximea

I’m getting more interested in what USB 3 can do for us in machine vision. A month ago I mentioned that Point Grey had some good info on their website, (“Everything you ever wanted to know about USB3.0”,) and now I’ve found that relative newcomer Ximea has a camera that runs even faster.

Curiously though, I didn’t learn this from Ximea themselves. It was the Polish RkBlog, specializing in “Python, Linux, Astronomy”, that drew my attention to the xiQ013MG-E2. (Boy how I love those snappy names the techies come up with!)

I’m not going to tell you about the camera, because RkBlog has done a pretty decent first-pass review, so take a look at what they had to say under “Testing fast USB3 camera - Ximea xiQ MQ013MG-E2”. I will mention though some intelligent discussion about what interface card to use. (Hint: don’t plug the cam into the motherboard and expect everything to work.)

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