Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A foolish look at Cognex

US-based stock market investors will understand that by “foolish” I’m referring to that excellent source of financial advice, The Motley Fool. And the Fool recently took a look at our friends from Natick. Or more accurately, they took a look at how Cognex manages its cash flow.

Cognex: Making Bucks More Quickly” (fool.com, October 12th, 2012,) discusses what is, to me at any rate, a different way to assess cash flow management. To understand how the “Cash Conversion Cycle” is calculated and what it means you’ll need to read the Fool article. I will however tell you the bottom line: they believe Cognex is doing a pretty good job of managing its cashflows.

Third quarter results come out in just a few days, so we’ll be able to see for ourselves if that trend is continued.

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Anonymous said...

Sinking ship comes to mind ... Their attempts at killing the ID market are about to blew up in their face