Monday, November 19, 2012

Certified integrators

Machine vision has low barriers to entry, which means almost anyone can set up as an integrator. Unfortunately, that means there are folks out there with limited skills. Limited skills means poor quality work, and that gets our technology and industry a bad name.

That’s why I’m interested in the AIA’s rollout of its “Certified System Integrator” program. Not that it will help engineers in selecting companies to work with, (although it may do so,) but it will help engineers explain to Purchasing why the lowest bid may not be the one to go for. As I see it, the AIA’s seal of approval should mean reduced project risk.

Will that allow Certified integrators to increase prices? Probably, yes, although I think the premium will be small. And, speaking as a buyer of integration services, if that lowers total costs – like the cost of scrapping a failed system – then it’s a price worth paying.

For more information, take a look at the press release, “First Group of AIA Certified System Integrators Announced” on the AIA website.


Anonymous said...

I believe National Instruments is now requiring the vision integrators inside their Alliance Program to carry the AIA certification. Separating the wheat from the chaff!

Brian Durand said...

i4 Solutions is happy to be on the list of certified integrators! Frankly, I was surprised to see how short the list is.

I think the program is a great idea, and we wanted to support it. Not all end users have experience selecting an integrator, and I think the AIA has a role to play in helping them determine basic qualifications.

And no, we won't be increasing our prices any time soon.